As consumers are looking for calorie information to be displayed on Food menus , Point of Sale signage and mailers / take away menus , when we developed our software to meet the mandatory Allergen labelling and the Nutritional labelling requirements from 13th December 2016 on pre-packed foods , we also included a module to incorporate Calorie information , for our customers in the Retail and Food sectors to easily incorporate calorie information

As the software is compatible with any Windows printer , this module will help reduce costs , print Menus ,Take Away Food labels , POS signs with clear information

Simply add in the calorie information for each product or recipe into our database and the product information will be live ready for use on all your printed information

No complicated redesigns required , add the information and start printing

MenuCal from Food Safety Authority IrelandThe Food Safety Authority of Ireland ( FSAI ) have developed a package to help food service and retailers calculate calorie information

MenuCal has been developed for food businesses in Ireland that wish to calculate calories for their menu. It has been developed with the input of chefs, caterers and small business owner

You will need to Register to begin calculating calories for your recipes!

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