Introducing the Duralabel Kodiak , the Multi Colour Label & Sign Printer from Graphic Produucts , choose the size of your messages from 4’’- 10’’ wide signs, and up to 8 feet long

Customize extra-wide visual communication to best suit your facility’s needs. Draw awareness to hazardous areas or help improve the flow of operations with bigger than ever signage.

DLK 5S labels
Duralabel Kodiak From tough surfaces to harsh outdoor environments, know your signs and labels will outlast the elements it is exposed to. Create durable visuals, from big and bold EHS signs and GHS drum labels, to practical Maintenance , Pipemarker and operational labels

Design and Print labels using inbuilt PC and label design software , supplied with its own wireless keyboard , stylus pen and interactive touch screen

The software comes pre-installed, ready to use. Create custom signs with a library of over 1500+ safety symbols or pick from one of the standardized formats to create code-compliant labels such as GHS, arc flash, or pipe labels.

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Premium Vinyl Tape Achieve lasting performance with this durable, versatile supply •  Custom order colors available •  Works on surfaces up to 200°F •  Indoor & outdoor use •  Resistant to water, UV light, most chemicals
Extended-Life Vinyl Tape Create labels that withstand moist environments •  Lasts up to 8 years outdoors • Resistant to moisture, oil, chemicals, UV light •  2.6 mil thick
Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tape Make labels that stand up to tough environments •  Ideal for tough, textured surfaces •  Pressure-sensitive adhesive •  Stick to sign blanks, flexible substrates, and painted metal
GHS Labels Communicate chemical hazards •  Comply with standards set by the UN & EU •   Comply with British Standard (BS) 5609 for saltwater immersion •  2.0 mil outdoor durable polyester •  Preprinted with up to 4 red diamond
Marine Label Tape Make signs that can withstand saltwater immersion •  Comply with British Standard (BS) 5609 for saltwater immersion •  Withstands extreme saltwater spray •  Resistant to chemicals, UV light, abrasive handling
Oily Surface Tape Create signs and labels that bond with oily surfaces •  Adheres to greasy, dirty surfaces •  Resistant to oil, gas, moisture
Reflective Vinyl Tape Make labels that stand out in low-light conditions •  Indoor & outdoor use •  Resistant to common chemicals •  Engineering grade reflective vinyl
BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape Designate a safe emergency exit route •  Complies with many state and federal "Emergency Exit Sign" laws and standards •  Ideal for emergency exit labeling •  Glow-in-the-dark properties for up to 8 hours! •  Resistant to common chemicals •  Recommended for indoor use only •  Color: off white - glows green
Prismatic Reflective Tape Make your labels stand out in low-light conditions •  A high-intensity reflective material for marking vehicles, wayfinding, and more
Fluorescent HiViz Tape Grab attention with bright fluorescent labels and signs •  Short-term, indoor use only •  Resistant to mild acids, mold, salt •  Low profile tape
Cold Storage Tape Create labels that withstand sub-zero temps •  For temperatures down to -65ºF •  Indoor & outdoor use •  Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
DuraPav Floor Marking Tape Mark outdoor concrete or asphalt •  Ideal for areas where aggressive adhesive is needed •  3-year outdoor durability; 5-year outdoor dur
Printable Floor Marking Tape Extend your safety message to the floor •  Resistant to common light, moderate wash-down chemicals •  Increase life of printed message - use with our Floor Marking Overlaminate


Dimensions17.4" W x 11.8" T x 19.5" D (496mm x 441mm x 301mm)

Weight 42 lbs (20 kg)

Print TechnologyThermal transfer

Resolution 300 dpi

Print Speed 2" per second

Max Print Width 8.4"

Maximum Print Length 100"

Buttons Print, X (Cancel), ? (Help)

Connectivity USB 2.0 (front: 2x USB-A, back: 2x USB-A, 1x USB-B), Ethernet, Wi-Fi USB Adapter

Display Touchscreen 9" (diagonal)

Memory 2 GB internal storage available; 4 GB external USB flash drive

Cutter Automatic cut off

Sensors Automatic supply detection

SoftwareLabelForge PROArc Flash Design ModuleLabel Editor ModuleGHS ModuleNFPA ModulePipe Marking ModulePDF ViewerVideo Player


Label Stock:

Type Continuous, Black Mark, or Die-Cut

Width 4"–10"

Capacity 50'

Ribbon Supply:

Type Premium Resin

Width 8.66”

Capacity 361'








Operating Temperature 50°F - 104°F (10°C - 40°C)

Operation Humidity 30% - 85%, non-condensing

Storage Temperature -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)

Ventilation Free air movement

Environmental Compliance WEEE, CE, FCC, IC